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Michelangelo's 'David' is 'dressed' now in St. Petersburg by Russian fundamentalists

Image via NTV/YOU TUBE

Copy of the statue of 'David,' established in St. Petersburg, is 'dressed' now, according to NTV.

'Artists' from the "north-7" group used the cap and paper tape to cover the nakedness of a plastic replica of David sculpture in the Lutheran Church of St. Anne in the Kirochnaya street.

“How could you put this bloke without any trousers on in the center of St Petersburg, next to a school and a church?” wrote a local women in a letter about the 16-foot statue, quoted by Lenta and translated the by the BBC. “This giant spoils the city’s historic appearance and warps children’s souls.”

“Children are around, looking at this giant nude man. Is that normal?” she added. Although local school director Maksim Pratusevich reportedly insisted his students were “sufficiently cultured and educated” to deal with a little artistic nudity, the matter will still be put to a vote.

Exhibition organizers, according to the BBC, told the RIA-Novosti news agency they would hold a “Dress David” vote to determine what, if anything, the statue should wear. The poll will be open August 16–23.

Russia is a very unfree country. Since 2006, 8 regions in Russia have enacted varying laws restricting the distribution of materials promoting LGBT relationships to minors; in June 2013, a federal law criminalizing the distribution of materials among minors in support of "non-traditional" sexual relationships, was enacted as an amendment to an existing child protection law. A 2013 survey found that 74% of Russians said homosexuality should not be accepted by society (up from 60% in 2002). In a 2007 survey, 68% of Russians said homosexuality is always wrong (54%). In a 2005 poll, 44% of Russians were in favor of making homosexual acts between consenting adults a criminal act; at the same time, 43% of Russians supported a legal ban on discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. In 2013, 16% of Russians surveyed said that gay people should be isolated from society, 22% said they should be forced to undergo treatment, and 5% said homosexuals should be "liquidated". In Russian psychiatry, Soviet mentality about homosexuality has endured into the present day. For instance, in spite of the removal of homosexuality from the nomenclature of mental disorders, 62.5% of 450 surveyed psychiatrists in the Rostov Region view it as an illness, and up to three quarters view it as immoral behavior. 

The Russian Church is an outpost of fundamentalism. Oppression of Gay-persons, women and other persecuted groups exist on behalf of children. And today, the art is also censored on behalf of children ("Everything for children," Lenin said). 

Michelangelo's 'David' was created in the Middle Ages. Back then, people had more freedom than in Russia today. 

By David Chutlashvili | 31 July 2016

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Bushiri and Mary. Image: NEWSDAILY

Zimbabwean 'prophet' has gone to town boasting of expecting the rebirth of Jesus Christ trough his wife Mary. 

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According to self-acclaimed 'man of God,' his wife Mary who is also a 'propethess,' has been impregnated by the 'Holy Spirit' and sooner than later.

"The world will see the Rebirth of Major Jesus," Bushiri says.

"God spoke to me that my wife shall deliver the second Jesus. So i stayed away from her and counted on God to send the Holy Spirit to put the baby in her womb. My God is the only God of miracles and it has been done," said the 'prophet.'

"A medical report we have seen has confirmed that Bushiri's wife Mary is really pregnancy but the world is yet to see the birth of Major Jesus the second through Bushiri and Mary," jokes Newsdaily.

"For those who are doubting wait for the birth of Major Jesus. You will believe this when doctors carry DNA-test and see that the Major Jesus the second will have the same genes as those of Jesus Christ," concluded 'prophet' Bushiri. 

The 'prophet' further reminded doubting that it is on record that some months ago, angels appear during one of ECG church services and in the same way, God has done it again to their family. 

"Reports have shown that Bushiri hasn't been with his wife for a long time and he was just waiting upon the Lord to fulfill and revelation he got." Newsdaily says.  

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Universal ancestor of all life on Earth was only half alive

Life’s kitchen

NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration; Dr. Bob Embley, NOAA PMEL, Chief Scientist
Want to find some ancient fossils? Scratch yourself. Many of the genes in our cells evolved billions of years ago and a few of them can be traced back to the last common ancestor of all life.
Now we have the best picture yet of what that ancestor was like and where it lived, thanks to a study that identified 355 genes that it probably possessed.
“It was flabbergasting to us that we found as many as we did,” says William Martin of the University of Dusseldorf in Germany, who led the study. The findings support the idea that the last universal common ancestor (LUCA) lurked in hydrothermal ventswhere hot water rich in hydrogen, carbon dioxide and minerals emerged from the sea floor.
“It’s spot on with regard to the hydrothermal vent theory,” Martin says. He describes LUCA as half-living, because it may have depended on abiotic reactions in the vents to produce many of the chemicals it needed.
LUCA emerged around 3.8 billion years ago and gave rise to two kinds of simple cells: bacteria and archaea (see diagram, below). By looking for genes common to almost all cells living today, previous studies have identified around 100 genes almost certainly present in LUCA.
This tells us what LUCA had in common with modern cells, but what we really want to know is how it was different, Martin says. So his group analysed the genomes of 1800 bacteria and 130 archaea to find the genes that were the most ancient but not necessarily shared.
The 355 they found include some universal genes, such as a few involved in reading the genetic code. But others point to a very distinctive lifestyle.
One characteristic of almost all living cells is that they pump ions across a membrane to generate an electrochemical gradient, then use that gradient to make the energy-rich molecule ATP. Martin’s results suggest LUCA could not generate such a gradient, but could harness an existing one to make ATP.
That fits in beautifully with the idea that the first life got its energy from the natural gradient between vent water and seawater, and so was bound to these vents. Only later did the ability to generate gradients evolve, allowing life to break away from the vents on at least two occasions – one giving rise to the first archaea, the other to bacteria.

Revolving door

LUCA also appears to have had a gene for a “revolving door” protein that could swap sodium and hydrogen ions across this gradient. Earlier studies by Martin and Nick Lane of University College London suggest that such a protein would have been absolutely crucial for exploiting the natural gradient at vents.
One thing Martin didn’t find is genes involved in making amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. LUCA may have depended on amino acids produced spontaneously at vents, he says.
Peter Gogarten of the University of Connecticut in Storrs, who studies the evolution of early life, thinks Martin’s approach is sound. “Most of the identified genes are good candidates for having been present in LUCA,” he says.
But it’s hard to tell apart genes that are truly ancient and those that merely appear ancient because bacteria and archaea have swapped them. Martin’s team disregarded these swapped genes, and could in the process have omitted some genes that LUCA did possess, perhaps including those for amino-acid synthesis.
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Bill Maher: Trump never fully adapted to color that’s why he’s orange.

“Win or lose, Donald Trump will probably be the last ’50s guy to run for president — and, frankly, that is something to be thankful for.” 

Bill Maher

Bill Maher. Image via YOU TUBE

The open-minded host of HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher” pulled no punches Friday night during his New Rules segment, equating the mindset of Donald Trump as being 60 years behind the times.
“I think that putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing,” Trump said in the interview. “When I come home and dinner’s not ready, I go through the roof.”

Maher said that when Trumps talk about taking America back to the way it was, they mean a time when women stayed at home, blacks were not seen, lesbians were called “roommates” and men could put down “sexual harassment” under the skills section on their résumé. And that's absolutely true. 

“This is where they want to take it back to — 1959, when life was still in black and white, before the ’60s came around and ruined everything with color,” Maher said, showing a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. “Trump never fully adapted to color — that’s why he’s orange.”

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Religion has done little to prevent war, famine, crime, oppression, misery, and unhappiness

Each religion claims that its god or gods have supreme power. If their god or gods had any such power, they could wipe out all the unhappiness in one gesture. The truth is, of course, that there are no such gods and it is only the imagination of propagandists which originate such gods and such powers.
For ages men have been and still are, human slaves. In the United States of America as late as 1865, black men had little more freedom than dogs or horses. They were owned as chattels by white masters. The masters could and did make them work all their lives without any pay whatever. Every slave could be beaten, mauled, and mutilated or killed, and many have been so treated by drunken and cruel masters. The children of the slaves were sold like cattle and sheep. All of these things were done under legal authority. All of these terrible things were done under sanction of the Christian religion. Most American slave owners were religious Christians. The slaves themselves were supposed to be Christians.

Pope Gregory XIII ordered a joint celebration on 11th September 1572 for the 'St' Bartholomew's Day Massacre of the 'Huguenots' in France, in August 1572.

Those who favored slavery quoted the Bible as authority for maintaining this cruel and inhuman practice. The Catholic Church and the Baptist church stood side by side in protecting the perpetrators of this inhumanity and oppression. When the Civil War took place, the Methodist Church in America divided on the question of slavery. The Methodist Church South and the Methodist Episcopal Church existed separately for generations. The Methodist Church South espoused the cause of slavery.
Men who owned slaves preferred to fight and kill or be killed rather than to give up their ownership of their human chattels. Even to this day Christian men, including priests and preachers, countenance and assist the whites of the South in keeping the Negroes there from voting and expressing their political views as all Americans are supposed to have the right to do.
Every office holder who takes an oath to support the Constitution of the United States winds up by saying, “so help me God” and then actually nullifies many of the rights the Constitution tries to guarantee.

The Holocaust (Photo Credit: Tom Parry). See also: Hitler was a Christian

There have been more wars since Christianity was established than there were before. Since the birth of Christ there have been only a few years in which there was not a war between Christian peoples. Cruel and tyrannical wars of extermination against the Indians of America were carried on by Christian people. With a Christian cross in one hand, a sword and gun in the other, the early Christian Spaniards conquered the Indians in North and South America. Murder, rape, torture, and enslavement, and in many cases positive extermination, followed in the bloody wars of the Spanish conquests under Pizarro and Cortez. The Catholic Church grew wealthy beyond its dreams as the result of this conquest. The Indians were Christianized under force of arms, but the new god they prayed to was as powerless as the old ones to protect them from the cruelty of and enslavement by their Christian conquerors.
In recent years the Italians under Mussolini, from the most Christian country on earth, coming from Rome, the seat of the Pope, ruthlessly murdered their way to ownership of the lands of Ethiopia, taking the Ethiopians’ lands and country in one of the most cold blooded robbing expeditions ever known. The Ethiopian king was only restored to his throne by a more powerful nation, still worshipping the same god as the others.
Did the Pope raise one word of protest? Did any Christian church or Christian country actually do anything to stop them? Did the Christian God that the poor Ethiopians pray to do anything to save them? Did even the same Christian God the Italians pray to deliver the land to them without a fight? No, the men with the strongest arms won in that war as they have in all other wars.
Why must people still remain befuddled and think that their gods control their fates when they see Christian nations murdering other Christian inhabitants of the world; each praying to the same God of “love and good will” to permit them to get their neighbors by the throat so they can slit it?
The Hindus have their gods, Buddha, Krishna, Siva, and a thousand others. Each one is supposed to be a protector of some class or group. Murder, misery, early death, depravity, oppression, serfdom and starvation are the daily lot of the Hindus, the most religious people on earth. The Christian Englishmen with money to buy rulers and guns and bombs to kill protectors told the religious Hindus what to do.
And so it has been from time immemorial, the strong oppressed the weak. The stronger, selfish races murdered those with less strength. The oppressors and aggressive fighters inherited the earth and control it today. Gods of clay, wood, brass, gold, and iron, gods of imagination such as the Christian, Mohammedan, and other gods have been prayed to in vain for ages by gullible fools, by priests, preachers, and rulers.

By James Hervey Johnson | 1949
Positive Atheism
James Hervey Johnson (1901-1988) was an atheist and outspoken critic of organized religion. For nearly a quarter of a century he was owner/publisher and editor of The Truth Seeker from 1964 until his death in 1988. Through his efforts as an activist and benefactor, Johnson contributed significantly to freethought in the mid to late twentieth century.


North Korea Endorses Donald Trump for President

North Korea has backed presumptive U.S. Republican nominee Donald Trump, with a propaganda website praising him as "a prescient presidential candidate" who can liberate Americans living under daily fear of nuclear attack by the North.
A column carried on Tuesday by DPRK Today, one of the reclusive and dynastic state's mouthpieces, described Trump as a "wise politician" and the right choice for U.S. voters in the Nov. 8 U.S. presidential election.
It described his most likely Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, as "thick-headed Hillary" over her proposal to apply the Iran model of wide sanctions to resolve the nuclear weapons issue on the Korean peninsula.
Trump instead has told Reuters he was prepared to talk to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to try to stop Pyongyang's nuclear program, and that China should also help solve the problem.
North Korea, known officially as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), is under U.N. sanctions over its past nuclear tests. South Korea and the United States say its calls for dialogue are meaningless until it takes steps to end its nuclear ambitions.
DPRK Today also said Trump's suggestion that the United States should pull its troops from South Korea until Seoul pays more was the way to achieve Korean unification.
"It turns out that Trump is not the rough-talking, screwy, ignorant candidate they say he is, but is actually a wise politician and a prescient presidential candidate," said the column, written by a China-based Korean scholar identified as Han Yong Muk.
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Child dies in hot car while family worships in church

Image via YOU TUBE

DALLAS — A 3-year-old boy died on Sunday after he was accidentally left in a hot car parked outside a church, according to police.
The child’s family was attending an afternoon bible study at Rehoboth Praise Assembly in Dallas, according to CBS Dallas.
A church member told KDFW the boy’s mother and father were in separate groups at the church. When the couple reunited 45 minutes after arriving at the church, they realized they only had four kids and their youngest child was missing.
The father immediately left the church and ran to the parking lot, where he found the boy unresponsive inside the family’s SUV.
The boy was pronounced dead at the hospital.
The father speaks limited English and had trouble communicating that he needed someone to call 911, a church member told KDFW.

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Phil Robertson: If Donald Trump Loses, I'll Go Into Hiding

Phil Robertson. Image via YOU TUBE

Today on “Breitbart News Daily,” reality TV star and conservative activist Phil Robertson spoke with radio host Stephen Bannon and Citizens United president David Bossie about the Republican National Convention, and Robertson urged listeners to rally behind Donald Trump.
The Duck Dynasty patriarch said that evangelicals must turn out and vote because they are facing “spiritual warfare” from “the depraved bunch, this political correct crowd” that is “of the Evil One.”
Robertson, an early supporter of Ted Cruz, said that Trump’s former rivals, including Cruz, must rally behind the business mogul, warning that “the alternative” to a Trump presidency is “depravity” and “moral bankruptcy.”
After falsely claiming that Democratic delegates “booed God” at their 2012 convention, Robertson said that a Democratic victory in November would cause him to go into hiding: “If the Republicans and the evangelicals do not get off their posteriors and vote, I think I’m going to head back to the woods and hide out.”

Pastor known for ‘you deserve rape’ sign sides with Trump: Deport Muslims because they’re rapists

Dean Saxton. Image via YOU TUBE

A pastor with a penchant for carrying a sign that says “You deserve rape” agrees with Donald Trump’s idea to ban Muslims from the United States because he claims they rape women.

Related: Anti-gay preacher with ‘you deserve rape’ sign gets hit with baseball bat (VIDEO)
Dean Saxton, a street preacher from Glendale, Arizona, last made headlines when his incendiary comments about LGBT people drove a woman to strike him in the head with a baseball bat.
Paxton was again preaching hatred at the RNC in Cleveland when The Young Turks’ Jordan Chariton stopped to interview him.
“The problem with Islam is, is that it rapes women,” Saxton ranted in the video posted Wednesday. “It’s racist. It kills people.”
Chariton then challenged him by noting that many of the mass shootings carried out in the United States have been done by non-Muslims. But Saxton ignored him and ranted on.
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Watch video of the exchange, as posted to YouTube, here: 

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Creationist Ken Ham Says Unicorns & Dinosaurs were on Noah’s Ark

Creationist Ken Ham, and his group ‘Answers in Genesis‘ (responsible for Kentucky’s new Ark Encounter) are reminding Christians that Unicorns and Dinosaurs were aboard Noah’s Ark.
“To think of the biblical unicorn as a fantasy animal is to demean God’s Word, which is true in every detail,” says Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell.
“The Bible refers to the unicorn in the context of familiar animals, such as peacocks, lambs, lions, bullocks, goats, donkeys, horses, dogs, eagles, and calves (Job 39:9–12). In Job 38–41, God reminded Job of the characteristics of a variety of impressive animals He had created, showing Job that God was far above man in power and strength,” she continued.
“Modern readers have trouble with the Bible’s unicorns because we forget that a single-horned feature is not uncommon on God’s menu for animal design. (Consider the rhinoceros and narwhal.) The Bible describes unicorns skipping like calves (Psalm 29:6), traveling like bullocks, and bleeding when they die (Isaiah 34:7). The presence of a very strong horn on this powerful, independent-minded creature is intended to make readers think of strength.”
“The importance of the biblical unicorn is not so much its specific identity — much as we would like to know — but its reality. The Bible is clearly describing a real animal. The unicorn mentioned in the Bible was a powerful animal possessing one or two strong horns — not the fantasy animal that has been popularized in movies and books,” Mitchell continues.
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Sir Patrick Stewart: ‘Assisted dying must be a fundamental right for us all’

Sir Patrick Stewart is a vocal campaigner on assisted dying. Credit: PA Wire

I had always been a supporter of assisted dying, but I became a campaigner after a horrifying event.
My life-long friend’s wife was diagnosed with a serious terminal illness, and she was one of the people in this country for whom palliative care could not help.
In considerable pain she decided to end her life using a stockpile of opiates. But she didn’t die.
Taken to the hospital she was kept alive and eventually returned home, a sense of regret not at her decision, but its outcome.
Her mind was clearly made up – she was mentally competent, and her death was inevitable. She knew she wanted to end it and the pain she must have endured I can’t imagine.
Shortly after returning home she asked her husband – my friend – to walk the dog one night. Insisting that she would be OK for 15 minutes, he left and did as she asked. During that time she put a plastic bag over her head, and knotted the strings. This time, she died.
When I heard the news, and the circumstances around her death, I couldn’t comprehend the horror of what she must have experienced. I still can’t.
And now another person has been forced to take drastic measures to control their own inevitable death.
Bob Cole, like myself, was a campaigner with Dignity in Dying.
We were together at the demonstration outside parliament when the Assisted Dying Bill was being debated in the House of Lords.
He also had a personal story for supporting the campaign having accompanied his wife to Dignitas last year.
Then in a cruel twist of fate he also became terminally ill only a short time after he accompanied his wife.
He has now made the same journey, in excruciating pain, to have the same control. How can we, as a civilised society, allow this to happen? Currently we force people to suffer against their wishes, and use the force of the law to threaten those who would help their family and friends if asked to assist in a death.
Assisted dying must be a fundamental right for us all. We must be free from torture and suffering, we must have the freedom to choose for ourselves. We have no choice about how and when we come into this word, but it seems that we should be able to have a choice in how we leave it if our death is fast approaching.
We have one of the finest palliative care systems in the world, but unfortunately this does not mean that everyone will have a painless death.
It is telling that in the jurisdictions where assisted dying is legal, such as Oregon in the United States, legal assisted dying works safely. In fact the Oregon Hospice Association stated that the law had not negatively affected palliative care ten years after it came into force.
Since becoming a campaigner I have met many fellow travellers along the way.
From Sir Terry Pratchett who sadly died this year, to former Archbishop George Carey who has been tremendous in putting forward the Christian reasons for supporting a change in the law.
An overwhelming majority of the British public support assisted dying for terminally ill, mentally competent people and it is their voice and campaigning that will ultimately give people dignity in dying.
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Mar Adentro - Trailer:

Stephen Hawking speaks out about assisted suicide:

Electricity generated with water, salt and a three-atoms-thick membrane

A molybdenum 3-atoms-thick selective membrane. Credit: © Steven Duensing / National Center for Supercomputing Applications, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Proponents of clean energy will soon have a new source to add to their existing array of solar, wind, and hydropower: osmotic power. Or more specifically, energy generated by a natural phenomenon occurring when fresh water comes into contact with seawater through a membrane.
Researchers at EPFL's Laboratory of Nanoscale Biology have developed an osmotic power generation system that delivers never-before-seen yields. Their innovation lies in a three atoms thick membrane used to separate the two fluids. The results of their research have been published in Nature.
The concept is fairly simple. A semipermeable membrane separates two fluids with different salt concentrations. Salt  travel through the membrane until the salt concentrations in the two fluids reach equilibrium. That phenomenon is precisely osmosis.
If the system is used with seawater and fresh water, salt ions in the seawater pass through the membrane into the fresh water until both fluids have the same salt concentration. And since an ion is simply an atom with an electrical charge, the movement of the  can be harnessed to generate electricity.
A 3 atoms thick, selective membrane that does the job
EPFL's system consists of two liquid-filled compartments separated by a thin membrane made of molybdenum disulfide. The membrane has a tiny hole, or nanopore, through which seawater ions pass into the  until the two fluids' salt concentrations are equal. As the ions pass through the nanopore, their electrons are transferred to an electrode - which is what is used to generate an electric current.
Thanks to its properties the membrane allows positively-charged ions to pass through, while pushing away most of the negatively-charged ones. That creates voltage between the two liquids as one builds up a positive charge and the other a negative charge. This voltage is what causes the current generated by the transfer of ions to flow.
"We had to first fabricate and then investigate the optimal size of the nanopore. If it's too big,  can pass through and the resulting voltage would be too low. If it's too small, not enough ions can pass through and the current would be too weak," said Jiandong Feng, lead author of the research.

What sets EPFL's system apart is its membrane. In these types of systems, the current increases with a thinner membrane. And EPFL's membrane is just a few atoms thick. The material it is made of - molybdenum disulfide - is ideal for generating an osmotic current. "This is the first time a two-dimensional material has been used for this type of application," said Aleksandra Radenovic, head of the laboratory of Nanoscale Biolog.
Powering 50'000 energy-saving light bulbs with 1m2 membrane
The potential of the new system is huge. According to their calculations, a 1m² membrane with 30% of its surface covered by nanopores should be able to produce 1MW of electricity - or enough to power 50,000 standard energy-saving light bulbs. And since  (MoS2) is easily found in nature or can be grown by chemical vapor deposition, the system could feasibly be ramped up for large-scale power generation. The major challenge in scaling-up this process is finding out how to make relatively uniform pores.
Until now, researchers have worked on a membrane with a single nanopore, in order to understand precisely what was going on. '' From an engineering perspective, single nanopore system is ideal to further our fundamental understanding of -based processes and provide useful information for industry-level commercialization'', said Jiandong Feng.
The researchers were able to run a nanotransistor from the current generated by a single nanopore and thus demonstrated a self-powered nanosystem. Low-power single-layer MoS2 transistors were fabricated in collaboration with Andreas Kis' team at at EPFL, while molecular dynamics simulations were performed by collaborators at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
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Bill Nye: Ark Encounter Is Brainwashing Kids

Bill Nye. Image: MENTALFLOSS

Bill Nye gives Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter a failing grade.

Bill Nye “the Science Guy” worries kids are being brainwashed at Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter. Nye recently paid a visit to Ken Ham’s life-size version of Noah’s Ark. He was not pleased.

The replica of what is supposed to be Noah’s Ark is located at the Ark Encounter theme park in Williamstown, Kentucky. Nye was an invited guest at the Ark Encounter, which opened July 7 and is billed as the largest timber-frame structure in the world, at 51 feet tall and 1-1/2 football fields in length.

After the visit Nye expressed his frustration with the Christian fundamentalist project based on discredited science and a literal interpretation of Genesis. 

Noting that the Ark was an eye-catching attraction that was “much more troubling or disturbing than I thought it would be,” Nye told NBC News:
It’s all very troubling. You have hundreds of school kids there who have already been indoctrinated and who have been brainwashed.
Nye lamented:
On the third deck (of the ark), every single science exhibit is absolutely wrong. Not just misleading, but wrong.
Nye is right to be disturbed. Children are being brainwashed and indoctrinated. By teaching children creationism as a legitimate scientific theory that disproves the theory of evolution, Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter is engaging in a form of intellectual child abuse.

As one might expect, Nye was particularly peeved with an exhibit showing dinosaurs living alongside mankind. Indeed, the idea that dinosaurs, which became extinct roughly 65 million years ago, lived contemporaneously with humans, who didn’t appear on Earth until 50,000 to 100,000 years ago, is absurd.

Nye was also disappointed that organisers “promote so very strongly that climate change is not a serious problem, that humans are not causing it, that some deity will see to it that everything is O.K.”

However, Nye made it clear that he was only concerned with scientific accuracy, and was not opposed to religious belief:
I’m not busting anyone’s chops about a religion. This is about the absolutely wrong idea that the Earth is 6,000 years old that’s alarming to me.
Bottom line: Teaching children the earth is only 6,000-years-old, that human beings and dinosaurs lived on the earth at the same time, and that the story of Noah’s Ark is true, is a form of child abuse.
Science is the key to our future, and if you don’t believe in science, then you’re holding everybody back. And it’s fine if you as an adult want to run around pretending or claiming that you don’t believe in evolution, but if we educate a generation of people who don’t believe in science, that’s a recipe for disaster. We talk about the Internet. That comes from science. Weather forecasting. That comes from science. The main idea in all of biology is evolution. To not teach it to our young people is wrong.
― Bill Nye   
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Girl fighting for life after mum and three daughters knifed in French holiday resort for being 'scantily dressed'

The 46-year-old woman and her three daughters - aged 14, 12 and eight - are said to have been targeted while holidaying near Laragne in Hautes-Alpes in southern France

An eight-year-old girl is fighting for her life after a mum and her three daughters were reportedly stabbed in a French holiday resort for being 'scantily dressed'.
The French family are said to have been targeted while holidaying in Garda-Colombe in the Hautes-Alpes near Montpellier in southern France.
The 46-year-old woman and the girls - aged eight, 12 and 14 - were all attacked before the knifeman fled the scene - according to police.
The eight-year-old was airlifted to hospital in nearby Grenoble with a punctured lung and is in a critical condition.
The 37-year-old man has been identified by French media as Mohamed Boufarkouch, who was born in Morocco.
He is reportedly unknown to the police and gendarmerie.
He was arrested following the incident at around 10am local time (9am UK time) this morning and is still in custody on suspicion of attempted homicide, reports Le Dauphine.
Police say the motive for the attack remains 'vague' but local media reports state the attacker had made references to the females being 'too lightly dressed'.
Eye-witnesses said the mum and her daughters had been having breakfast when they were attacked.
Local prosecutor Raphael Balland told the AFP news agency: "The motive of the attack is very blurred."
The 37-year-old man remains in custody following the incident at the VVF Villages Lagrand resort near Laragne in southern France.
The suspect and the victims are all believed to have been on holiday at the resort.

Police are at the scene of the attack. Image: Getty Images


Featured image: Video screengrab via CNN.

In June, filmmaker Ken Burns delivered a scorching takedown of Donald Trump during his Stanford graduation speech…Though he never mentioned him by name:
 “a person who easily lies, creating an environment where the truth doesn’t seem to matter, who has never demonstrated any interest in anyone or anything but himself and his own enrichment. And asking this man to assume the highest office in the land would be like asking a newly minted car driver to fly a 747.”
On Tuesday, Christiane Amanpour brought Ken Burns into the CNN Newsroom to discuss his upcoming film, “Defying the Nazis: The Sharp’s War.” But of course, they spent most of the interview talking about the man who’s making his film scarily relevant. Amanpour played footage from Burns’ speech, then asked whether the Internet has made Donald Trump possible:
“You talk about lies. And elsewhere in your commencement address you say the sense of commonwealth, of shared sacrifice, of trust that’s so much a part of American life is eroding fast. Spurred along and amplified by an amoral Internet that permits a lie to circle the globe three times before the truth can get started. Is that how he’s managed to put his candidacy across so successfully? Because of the way he is engaging with people via the Internet?”
Ken Burns explained how fast-moving news cycles work to Donald Trump’s advantage by making it harder to tell the truth from the lies.
“Things that would occupy weeks of our conversation now are spoken and forgotten in a day or so. And what happens is, we begin to accrue a sense that the truth doesn’t matter anymore. We’re absolutely certain we know what the truth is. But when you hear somebody lie over and over again about almost every aspect of this campaign, it’s really hard to keep up with it.”
Ken Burns goes on to marvel at Donald Trump’s slipperiness on things like his taxes and his prior support for Hillary Clinton and for women’s reproductive rights.
“He’s all over the map on everything, and yet the sheer spectacle of him overwhelms the normal kind of due diligence that we must, in a Democratic society, apply to our candidates.”


Yet the signs of racism and demagoguery were always there. Ken Burns mentions Donald Trump’s reaction to the Central Park Five case back in 1989 (the subject of Burns’ 2012 documentary on PBS). Five teenagers — four black and one Hispanic — were accused of raping and murdering Trisha Meili, better known as “The Central Park Jogger.” Donald Trump responded by taking out full-page ads in all the New York daily papers demanding a return to the death penalty. Never mind that the boys hadn’t gone to trial and, in fact, were later found innocent.
“It is the tactic of the demagogue to make enemies of the other. And it offers a kind of temporary reassurance to those peopel who are susceptible to these messages. But in the long run, it’s actually those people who will be voting against their self interests if they vote for Trump, that will suffer the most.”
Most strikingly, Ken Burns reminds us that his documentary films have always taken a neutral point of view, and he has never spoken out on politics in public before. But now he feels that if we don’t start thinking with our heads instead of acting with our guts, we’ll be in serious danger. Although Burns stops short of comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, he warns:
“There comes a time when you have to say, we have to wake up. This could be like Germany in the early 30s or Italy in the early 30s and the world cannot afford that again.”
Not that he’s “equating Donald Trump with Adolf Hitler,” of course…”But he does have a kind of proto-fascist aspect.” Just sayin‘.
For example, Ken Burns explains, during  Hitler’s rise, he “would say outrageous things” and expect to get called on them. When no one did, he’d push the envelope even further. “And so he would say it again. He doubled down and tripled down on it.”
Sound familiar? It’s enough to make Ken Burns long for Edward R. Murrow, the fearless mid-20th century journalist who took down the red scare Senator Edward McCarthy.
“If Edward R. Murrow were alive today, he would have exposed this naked emperor a long time ago.”
Where are the Edward R. Murrows now?