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Apple shocked: Russia releases its first laptop weighing 10 kg with 1 hour battery life

Not so long ago, Joinfo.ua reported that the Russian company MCST announced the beginning of sales of its first personal computers ARM-401 Elbrus and Elbrus-4.4 servers on the basis of the Russian processor Elbrus-4C. Now the Russians made a real technological breakthrough and launched the sales of a laptop powered by the Elbrus-4C chip.
Technical specifications of the gadget are the following: four processing cores clocked at 800 MHz, work with three DDR3-1600 memory channels. The chip is made on the basis of 65nm technology; the average power dissipation is 45 watts. The display the Russian laptop is 1024 × 768 pixels, but its size is not specified.
The battery life of the Russian whizz on one charge of the battery is only one hour.
The computer weighs 10 kilograms.
The underlying operating system is built on the core of Linux, but the laptop is able to run Windows XP.
The price of the model is 150 000 rubles.
According to the developers, the features of the Elbrus architecture allow to "effectively use the processors in the system of digital intellectual signal processing, in mathematical modeling, scientific computations and other areas with high demands on computing power." The wonder-laptop is positioned as "NT-MTSST4R – high-rugged laptop, made in shock-resistant moisture-proof protected housing."

Elbrus-4C. Image: (3DNEWS.RU)

Poll finds more than half of British Muslims believe homosexuality should be illegal

Former equalities chief Trevor Phillips says ‘The integration of British Muslims is probably the hardest task we’ve ever faced’

Trevor Phillips claims that we should accept that Muslims “see the world differently from the rest of us.” Getty Images

Integrating British Muslims into society is “probably the hardest task we’ve ever faced,” the former equalities chief has said, after a revealing survey found that over half of British Muslims believe homosexuality should be illegal, while more than a third think wives should always obey their husbands

Trevor Phillips, the former head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said this is the first time British Muslims are “speaking for themselves” instead of having leaders speak for them.

The survey of 1,000 British Muslims found that “they love Britain, they are patriotic, they especially prize the freedom to practice their religion as they would like, they trust the authorities in a way that came as a surprise to me.

“But on specific issues – families, sexuality, gender, attitudes towards Jews, and on questions of violence and terrorism, the centre of gravity of British Muslim opinion is some distance away from the centre of gravity of everyone else’s opinion.”

The poll carried out by ICM and commissioned for Channel 4 found that more than half of British Muslims think homosexuality should be illegal. In addition, 47 per cent of those surveyed believe it would be unacceptable for someone who identifies as gay or lesbian to teach in a school.

More than one third - 39% - were also found to be of the view that "wives should always obey their husbands".

Mr Phillips said the integration of Britain's Muslims “will probably be the hardest task we've ever faced.” He told the programme that in a situation where one in six British Muslims have said they would like to live more separately and a quarter would like to live under Sharia law, “it means that we have as a society a group of people who do not want to participate in the way that other people do”.

The survey also found a correspondence between the desire to live separately and sympathy for terrorism. “And I think everybody, including most people in the Muslim community, would find that extremely worrying,” he added.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Mr Phillips said there is a “life and death struggle for the soul of British Islam – and this is not a battle that the rest of us can afford to sit out. We need to take sides.”

Expanding on this, he told the Today programme that the survey found a current of liberal Muslim opinion where people believe “Muslims need to find the form of Islam that is completely compatible with British life”. But this view is held by fewer that one in five Muslims, he said, who feel part of a small community that is “dwindling”.

“What they want is for everybody else not to stand on the side-lines and look at it as a kind of struggle within a separate community, which is what I think it feels like at the moment, but to say, as a community, we think these values - the equality of women, respect towards people irrespective of their sexuality - is something which should run through the whole of British society, not be confined to people who are not Muslims.”

ICM used face-to-face, in-home research to question a representative sample of 1,000 Muslims across Great Britain.

Addional reporting by PA

Anti-gay preacher with ‘you deserve rape’ sign gets hit with baseball bat (VIDEO)

The hate preacher was attacked with a baseball bat

An anti-gay preacher carrying a “you deserve rape” sign, has been attacked with a baseball bat.
Brother Dean Saxton, who lives in Glendale, Arizona, was hit with the bat while he stood outside a school with the “you deserve rape” sign.
Known for spreading hate speech, Saxton often preaches anti-gay sermons, and is seen in this particular video outside the Valley high school.

Saxton is seen in a video published on YouTube saying: “The Bible says it’s not okay to be gay”.
He goes on to say: “You need to stop looking up naughty, nasty things on the Internet.”
As he makes the hate speech, various students and teachers approach him and denounce what he is saying, peacefully challenging him on his views.
One teacher says: “I think you’re a disgrace to Christianity. Why don’t you go and preach it to somebody who really wants to hear your message, like Westboro Baptist Church?”
Then a student attacks Saxton while he is still on camera.
Students and staff nearby are seen celebrating as Saxton is clearly dazed by the blow.
He is later seen walking away with blood dripping from his head Tabitha Brubaker, 19, was arrested and charged with felony assault and marijuana possession after the attack.
After the attack, Saxton denied that he was responsible for the attack by inciting the violence. He called the attacker an “LGBT monster”.
A video of the attack is available below, filmed first person by Brother Dean Saxton:

Source: www.pinknews.co.uk

Tbilisi vegan cafe appeal over meat-wielding religious extremists and neo-Nazis

Holy Horrors: Religious slaughter in Georgia - sheep have throats cut without stunning. Image: (PRIMETIMENEWS).

A vegan cafe in Tbilisi has appealed for public solidarity after being invaded by alleged ultra-nationalists wielding grilled meat and sausages.

More than a dozen men stormed into the Kiwi cafe in the Georgian capital on Sunday evening, the cafe said, shouting and throwing meat at patrons.

A brawl erupted but the attackers fled before police arrived.

The cafe has appealed for public support, saying it was no prank but a case of intimidation by neo-Nazis.

It said it was already the target of some local hostility due to its patrons' alternative lifestyles - "the way we look, music that we listen to, ideas we support, and the fact that we don't eat meat" and backing of causes such as rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.

"During these hard times you can support us just by visiting our cafe, we will be very grateful if you come to show everyone that here are a lot of us who care about the issue!"

The incident comes amid growing concerns about the rise of far-right nationalism in Georgia.

Last week, hundreds of nationalists marched through central Tbilisi - waving Georgian flags and anti-communist banners, reports said - to mark independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

Homophobia is also commonplace in Georgia, correspondents say. The country made world headlines in 2013 when a small group of LGBT activists were attacked by a large mob led by an orthodox priest.

Neighbours' 'baseless hatred'

The cafe statement blames Sunday's incident on the group of men who came into the premises, talking loudly, throwing meat and smoking, and then "yelling, laughing, and talking to us sarcastically".

These people "were neo-Nazis... who support fascist ideas", the cafe said.

Some minor injuries were sustained.

The police arrived only after the attackers had left, but the cafe said even some of those officers behaved aggressively, "yelled with anger, said that we are guilty of what had happened". Some cafe workers were taken in for interrogation.

The BBC is trying to ascertain whether there is an official investigation under way into the clash.

Extremist Orthodox vs LGBT right defenders in Tbilisi (Reuters™):

Source: www.bbc.com

Monday, May 30, 2016


Report by Sambasi Kantiola

Sao Paulo: An evangelical pastor has been arrested for raping his faithful, after convincing them that his reproductive organs contained “holy milk” which they need for holy healing.

Sobrino Valdeci Picanto, an evangelical pastor from Brazil, persuaded his followers that he practiced his strange beliefs because it was the way he preached the word, saying that his ‘milk’ was sacred.

And this pastor said his reproductives was blessed and that “the Lord had consecrated with divine milk of the Holy Spirit” and of course, had to go around evangelizing.

“He convinced us that only God could come into our lives through the mouth”, a follower said,

“Often, after worship, Pastor Valdeci asked us to do perform oral acts on him until the Holy Spirit came through seed and delivered funds to the church.”
Sobrino Valdeci Picanto, 59, was arrested in Apore, Goi├ís, Brazil, for raping several women attending his church. 

He gave as an excuse that his reproductive organs had been consecrated with “divine seminal fluid of the Holy Spirit.”  

Valdecir came to abuse some elderly, and defends himself by saying that ‘he had an encounter with Jesus in a brothel and gave him the mission of spreading the sacred semen throughout the state, beginning with the faithful Apore Assembly, of which he is responsible’.

Denise Pinheiro, delegate of the region, said, “Valdecir was caught red-handed while rubbing his reproductive units in the face of a local merchant, which promised to make more sales in her business due to the divine liquid.

When we acted Valdecir offered no resistance and even asked if I wanted to be part of the kingdom of heaven on the way to the police station.

Recently a lot of Pastors have been exposed in several reports engaging in similarly revolting things...
Earlier this month, a South African Prophet charged at a pair of lions in a national park to prove the power of the spirit. The lions called his bluff and nearly killed him. He was saved by rangers who shot in the sky dispersing the lions.

Weeks later, Prophet Mboro again from South Africa was reported to have ascended to heaven during a live service. He surfaced a week later and claimed he took selfies with his Samsung Galaxy Smartphone and has been selling them for $500 USD each. He also said Jesus has a hot black wife in heaven.

A few days ago, we reported similarly shocking news of a Pastor who asked his entire church to undress during a live service and touch each other.He has promised to hold a one night stand church service which will be streamed.

A little down south however, Lesotho would have none of it and they arrested a Pastor who played indecent videos in church on the big screen.


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Islamic preacher warns that men who masturbate will get their hands PREGNANT... and will have to look after their offspring in the afterlife

A preacher has said those who masturbate will find their hands pregnant.

Mucahid Cihad Han was responding to a viewer's question on live TV.

He added the man will have to look after his hands' offspring in the afterlife.

An Islamic preacher has made the astonishing claim that those who masturbate will find their hands pregnant and be forced to raise the offspring in the afterlife.

Turkish preacher Mucahid Cihad Han made the comments in response to a viewer's startlingly honest query during a broadcast on live TV.

At first appearing puzzled by the caller's question, he eventually warned him to 'resist Satan's temptations'.

According to Hurriyet Daily News, Han was appearing on the TV station 2000 TV when a man rang the station to confess that despite being married, he kept masturbating - even during the holy pilgrimage to Mecca known as Umrah.

Forced to repeat the question several times to the confused preacher, he was eventually advised that the act was forbidden.

'Moreover,' Han said, 'One [saying] states that those who have sexual intercourse with their hands will find their hands pregnant in the afterlife, complaining against them to God over its rights.

'If our viewer was single, I could recommend he marry, but what can I say now?'

He later posted on Twitter an interpretation of Islam which he said proved masturbation was forbidden, adding: 'Lets keep ourselves out of trouble.'

Despite his claims, there are various interpretations in Islam regarding whether or not the act is forbidden.

Some claim is it simply frowned upon, or disliked, while others have said it is actually permissible should it help stop a man from committing adultery or other sins.

Read more: www.hurriyetdail...

‘Christian’ Attorney Says She Will Take Gun To Restroom So She Can Shoot Trans People

Anita Staver is president of the extreme far right. pseudo-Christian law group known as the Liberty Counsel, and she just made a big announcement on Twitter: From now on, she will carry a handgun with her when she goes to the bathroom at Target just in case she needs to shoot any transgender people she finds in there.
As was first reported on the blog site JoeMyGod:
“Liberty Counsel president Anita Staver declared Friday that she will be taking her Glock .45 handgun to Target as protection against assaults by transgender patrons.”
Sure enough, point your browser over to Twitter and you can see this:
If Staver’s last name sound familiar, that’s because she’s the wife of Mat Staver, the homophobic dillhole who most recently defended Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis as she tried unsuccessfully to deny same-sex couples marriage licenses in direct defiance of the United States Supreme Court.
Perhaps it’s time we address these hateful people in a manner they can understand, so here goes:
If you live in the mortal fear that a transgender person will use the same bathroom as you, then you need to stay locked in your home like the pathetic misanthrope you are. If, on the other hand, you choose to go out in public and move amongst the rest of us who could care less what is happening in a restroom, then you’ll just have to adjust to the fact that–gasp!–a transgendered person might be using the facilities at the same time.
In Europe, many public bathrooms are unisex, so both men and women use them. But there hasn’t been a rash of sexual assaults in European restrooms. And there won’t be in American ones, either.

Anita Staver. Image: (LiberalAmerica)

Why Are Educated People More Likely to Be Atheists?

Religion works more through the emotions than through reason.

The more education a person receives, the more likely they are to become atheists (1). Non belief also increases with intelligence and income. Residents of more educated countries see religion as less important in their daily lives (2).
Why are highly educated people more likely to be atheists? There are two categories of explanation. Either religious people lack a capacity for skepticism, or they choose to make a blind leap of faith and subscribe to the belief system adopted by their religious community.
The Santa Claus Analogy
According to a deficient skepticism view, educated people are more capable of critical thought. They subject the claims of religious teachers to more intense skeptical inquiry. This is rather like older children asking themselves how a fat man can navigate a 9-inch chimney flue, magically reemerging next to the Christmas tree with packages measuring more than a foot in three dimensions. Older children connect these absurdities with a pattern of suspicious movements by parents and draw the inevitable conclusion that Santa Clause is a charade perpetrated by parents on children. Younger children are more trusting and less skeptical.
Logical though the rational-capacity explanation for atheism is, it is not entirely satisfactory for different reasons. Rational capacity does not always translate into religious skepticism, as noted for the distinguished scientists of past eras who were rabidly religious for the most part. Similarly, in religious countries, people may well stop believing in Santa Clause when they grow up but still hang on to their religious belief system. So it takes more than skepticism to separate people from their religious faith.
Why do religious people trash some implausible beliefs but keep others? Perhaps they get something out of the beliefs they keep. Once a person grows up, their parents no longer shower them with gifts during the holiday season so that they have no particular reason to sustain their credulity concerning Santa Claus, although they do pass on the belief to children.
If religious beliefs do not yield tangible benefits for adults, they may yield emotional rewards. The emotive aspects of religious belief can persist despite development of improved reasoning ability. Religious beliefs and rituals may continue to help adults to feel good. Belief and disbelief are more a matter of feelings than of reason.
Why elevate the emotional aspects of religious belief over the cognitive, or intellectual ones? One possibility is that religion functions as a form of emotion focused coping. It provides a defense against life’s difficulties and disappointments.
The Emotional Hook
If religion is essentially a mechanism for dealing with unpleasant emotions, it is most useful when life is most difficult, as in disease-ravaged poverty-stricken sub-Saharan Africa and least useful when the quality of life is good, as is true of godless Europe.
In less educated countries, the general standard of living is poor. There is a lot of chronic illness and early death. Infant and child mortality are high. The population is highly vulnerable to droughts, famines and natural disasters. Most people find it miserably difficult to make a living. Governments are weak and corrupt and ordinary people get pushed around by gangsters and warlords. Of course, there may also be little religious freedom so that if there are any agnostics they are forced to keep a low profile.
Lacking any objective solution for their many problems, residents of less developed countries turn to religion for answers. The clearest evidence for this is the fact that in poor countries where the standard of living is low virtually everyone sees religion as important in their lives.
As the standard of living improves, there are fewer unpleasant situations over which people have no control and therefore less of a market for religion. With improving quality of life in developed countries, the importance of religion declines. Looking into the future, this predicts a gradual shrinking of religious belief as the standards of living around the globe continues to improve fueled by rapid economic development.
1. Lynn, R., Harvey, J., & Nyborg, H. (2009). Average intelligence predicts atheism rates across 137 nations. Intelligence, 37, 11-15.
2. Barber, N. (2012). Why atheism will replace religion: The triumph of earthly pleasures over pie in the sky. E-book, available at: http://www.amazon.com/Atheism-Will-Replace-Religion-ebook/dp/B00886ZSJ6/ (link is external)
Hailing from Ireland, Nigel Barber received his Ph.D. in Biopsychology from Hunter College, CUNY, and taught psychology at Bemidji State University and Birmingham Southern College. A prolific cross-national researcher, Barber accounts for societal differences in sexual and reproductive behaviour using an evolutionary approach. Books include Why Parents Matter, The Science of Romance, Kindness in a Cruel World, and The Myth of Culture: Why We Need a Genuine Natural Science of Societies. Interests include finance, organic gardening, and hiking.
Frank Schaeffer: How to Stop Being a Fundamentalist Evangelical Christian

RWW News: Glenn Beck Has 10,000 Pastors Willing To Die Resisting Anti-Christian Persecution

By Nigel Barber | Psychology Today

Secular Scotland: Atheism Up by Nearly 10 Per Cent in Six Years

A new poll has shown that atheism is on the rise in Scotland, as nearly half of Scots now say they are of no religion, up from 40 per cent in 2009. On current trends, Christianity will become a minority belief in Scotland within the next few years.

The latest Scottish Household survey, which collates results from 2014 shows that, overall, 49.9 per cent of people still consider themselves to belong to a Christian denomination: 27.8 per cent identified as Church of Scotland, 14.4 per cent Roman Catholic, and 7.7 per cent as ‘other Christian’.
However, 47.3 per cent responded “none” when asked about their faith, STV has reported.
Of the remainder, 1.4 per cent identified as Muslim, 0.3 per cent Buddhist, 0.3 per cent Hindu, 0.1 per cent Sikh, 0.1 per cent Jewish, 0.1 per cent Pagan, and 0.5 per cent another religion.
The results of the survey, which began in 1999, is based on a sample of Scottish residents.
According to the authors of the report: “Since the harmonised religion question was introduced to the SHS in 2009, there has been an upward trend in the proportion of adults reporting not having a religion, from 40% in 2009 to 47% in 2014.
“There has also been a corresponding decrease in the proportion reporting ‘Church of Scotland’, from 34% to 28%.”
The survey is the latest in a body of evidence pointing to the rapid secularisation of the UK, and indeed of the western world. Research by the Pew Centre suggested that Christians will be a minority group in the UK by 2050, as atheism and Islam rise.
It also showed that, globally, Islam is expected to surge by 73 per cent. However the rise of atheism is primarily a western phenomenon, as Christian adherence grows in the East.
Other research suggests that Pew’s figures do not give a true picture of the secularisation of the UK. The 2014 British Social Attitudes survey found that non-adherence had already relegated Christianity to a minority belief, with just 41.7 per cent of those surveyed identifying as Christians, against 50.6 per cent of the population saying that they have no religion, up from 47.7 per cent the year before.
Commenting on the Pew Group’s findings, Prof Linda Woodhead, an expert in the sociology of religion based at Lancaster University, told the Telegraph: “I think the interesting thing is to compare Britain with comparator countries, other northern European countries with similar national churches.
“The same rate of de-Christianisation is not projected for Norway, Denmark, Sweden for example. So the national Church of England and Church of Scotland, seem to have been particularly effective in generating ‘no religion’.”
That trend is of particular concern in Scotland as the Scottish Assembly wages its war on the family. In August 2016 the Assembly will roll out the Named Person scheme which removes some parental rights from parents and hands them to the state. Under the scheme, every child will be assigned a ‘named person’; a state official tasked with looking after a child’s “well being” – that is, their “happiness”. The scheme is already being piloted across the country, and parents seeing their authority undermined.
Dr Gordon Macdonald, parliamentary officer for Christian Action Research and Education told campaign group No2NP: “Where the named person feels that the child’s well being – and the term ‘well being is a very nebulous concept, it can mean anything essentially – is not being fully developed, they have the authority from the state to ensure that the child has access to services.
His organisation is particularly concerned, he said, that the legislation will lead to conflict between Christian parents who, “coming from a faith perspective, will have strong views on issues of sexual ethics,” and state officials who “may come under pressure” to “ensure that the child has access to a different perspective on these issues, contrary to the parents’ wishes”.

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10 Reasons Atheists Do It Better

Although the exact number is hard to pin down, an estimated 13% of the world identifies as atheist. While believing or not believing in a God is a complex personal choice, there is a growing body of evidence that points to certain benefits of being an atheist. Being a theist has its own great advantages, but here are some of the reasons being an atheist could be beneficial (not necessarily in order of importance):
Scandinavian countries tend to be the least religious countries of the Western world and yet are consistently ranked the highest in the polls that measure a happiness index. Many factors go into such ratings, like economics, life expectancy, healthcare, social safety nets, and the transparency of the government, but it’s hard not to notice a potential correlation between atheism and happiness.
Atheists tend to have higher IQs and have been shown to generally be more intelligent than religious people. Intelligent people also tend to spend more time in school, which in turn leads to greater success professionally.
This follows from the previous reason - more intelligent people tend to do better in the workplace. The same studies that have shown higher level of IQs for atheists, also equated that with getting higher-level jobs and higher pay.
These are two sides of the same coin.  Atheists are not being told that they are guilty and sinful, as is the case with many religious teachings. This leads to higher self-esteem and a feeling of control over life’s events. As atheists do not expect a deity to help them solve a problem, they will address it personally and directly. The increased self-reliance can have a positive effect on their own lives, but also on the lives of others. When there’s no wheel of life, reincarnation, heaven or hell, the responsibility for made choices lies with individuals.
Atheists tend to value scientific discovery more and are less likely to stand in the way of scientific progress as has often happened for religious reasons. An atheistic society is more rational and science-oriented.
Atheists believe in science and would not stand in the way of medical treatments on religious grounds. While there have been studies that showed the mental and physical health benefits of being a believer, there have also been recent studies that showed no significant difference in the mental health of religious and non-religious people. In fact, it can be argued that having strong self-esteem and better economic status would make atheists more healthy.
Atheists do not start wars or commit acts of terrorism for religious reasons, just to prove their deity is the correct one. On the other hand, Marxist-Leninist atheism at the core of communism has certainly given atheism a bad name, but it's not necessarily an argument that it was atheism itself that led to the repressions and killings. There were complex historical, social and economic reasons for that. Atheists tend to not kill others for the sake of atheism.
Atheists are generally skeptical and tend to look at issues from a rational, often scientific standpoint that demands proof. For an atheist, elements of reality are observable and can be tested. 
Atheists tend to be very involved in social justice issues. They do not believe in some higher power or order that could have pre-ordained a human’s lot in life. Everything is of this material universe and can be improved upon.
It wouldn't be a worthwhile list if it didn't talk about sex.  There have been studies that showed atheists having better sex lives than religious people simply due to not feeling guilty about it. Guilt about sex is certainly a strong feature of some of the world's religions and the political discourses they generate (particularly in the US). There are also studies out that show a greater satisfaction with sex among the believers, but as it's also not something they should really focus on and discuss (according to religious tenets), it's hard to know where their responses are coming from.
Do these reasons mean you should abandon your faith?  You make the call. But being an atheist needs not carry any negative stigma in a world still dominated by believers. Professor of psychology Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi profiled a likely atheist to be this person - “We can say that atheists show themselves to be less authoritarian and suggestible, less dogmatic, less prejudiced, more tolerant of others, law-abiding, compassionate, conscientious, and well-educated. They are of high intelligence, and many are committed to the intellectual and scholarly life.”  That sounds like a pretty good person.
Michael Shermer of Sceptic Magazine explains how nonbelievers will eventually become the norm around the world.
There is evidence of the growing number of nonbelievers in the United States. According to research by the PEW Research Center,
"the religiously unaffiliated population – including all of its constituent subgroups – has grown rapidly as a share of the overall U.S. population. The share of self-identified atheists has nearly doubled in size since 2007, from 1.6% to 3.1%. Agnostics have grown from 2.4% to 4.0%. And those who describe their religion as “nothing in particular” have swelled from 12.1% to 15.8% of the adult population since 2007. Overall, the religious “nones” have grown from 16.1% to 22.8% of the population in the past seven years."

Image: (GettyImages)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Christian Extremist: Women Who Have Abortions Should Be Shot By a Firing Squad

The last time we saw Christian extremist and one-man hate group Theodore Shoebat, he was saying that women who have abortions were “sluts” who deserved the death penalty.
In his latest video, he’s even more explicit about how women and their doctors should die.
He wants them to be shot in front of a firing squad:

Image: (Patheos)

It makes no sense to punish only doctors for performing abortions, Shoebat declared, “becausethe woman is actually more guilty” and “the biggest criminal” since without her consent, no abortion would ever take place.
As such, both women who have abortions and doctors who perform them should be lined up before a firing squad and shot, he said.
“Yeah, arrest all the abortion doctors and put them before a firing squad and kill ’em,” Shoebat said, “but do not exempt the woman. The woman also needs to be in front of that firing squad as well.
It’s worth mentioning that, if that were to ever happen, church attendance would plummet.
But this is a logical consequence of anti-abortion rhetoric, isn’t it? If abortion is murder, then women who have abortions and the doctors who facilitate them are complicit and deserve to be punished. And while Donald Trump and other Republicans might be hesitant to say what that punishment would be, Shoebat is taking the “eye for an eye” approach.
I’m not saying other anti-abortion advocates would agree with him, but every one of them ought to spell out exactly what the punishments should be for women who have abortions and their doctors. Because even if it’s not the death penalty, jail time and money is far too extreme.

Source: www.patheos.com

Richard Dawkins: religion should be offended at every opportunity

Dawkins says it's ridiculous to be accused of racism when you criticise Islam

Dawkins also said he believed migrants from Syria and Iraq who have stopped believing in Islam should be prioritised in the immigration system. (Getty Images)
Richard Dawkins has said he is in favour of offending people’s religion and it should be offended at every opportunity.
The controversial atheist academic, 75, argued the public was too worried about being viewed as racist and claimed it is absurd to be accused of racism for criticising Islam.
Dawkins said this was the result of an “absurd double standard” in the Western world which means people are more anxious about attacking Islam than Christianity.
“People are terrified of being thought racist,” he told The Times. “There’s an awful confusion in many people’s minds. They think Islam is a race, which of course it isn’t”.
“If you’re seen to criticise Islam you are often accused of racism, which is absurd.
“I’m all for offending people’s religion. I think it should be offended at every opportunity”.
Dawkins also said migrants from Syria and Iraq who have stopped believing in Islam should be prioritised in the immigration system.
“In the case of immigrants from Syria and Iraq I would like to see special preference given to apostates, people who have given up Islam,” he said. “They are in particular danger.”
The evolutionary biologist, whose best-selling book The God Delusion has been downloaded ten million times, is a provocative figure. He has been accused of Islamophobia in the past but dismisses the term as a “non-word”.
Dawkins prompted outrage in September of last year when he suggested the innocent American school boy, Ahmed Mohammed, that was arrested for building a clock might have “wanted to be arrested” in order to be seen as a victim of discrimination.
Richard Dawkins on Islam, Jews, science and the burka – BBC Newsnight

Christopher Hitchens & Richard Dawkins – We’d be better off without religion

Sam Harris simply destroys Christianity

By Maya Oppenheim | 23 May 2016
The Independent, www.churchandstate.org.uk